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Here at Promotional Products Advertising (PPA) we are a 100% Australian owned company and proud of it! We specialise in promotional products, marketing merchandise and have the experience to drive your next campaign to a higher level. With over 30 years’ experience in the business we have succeeded in delivering exceptional promotional products to our clients and creating positive outcomes for their businesses. We have large selection of promotional merchandise for corporate gifts that will suit your budget and needs as a business, with fast response times for quotes and reliable deliveries.

We understand that marketing and promotion is a vital area for businesses and also one of the greatest challenges to get right. Business is simple these days, if you cannot get your message across and what your business stands for, you will struggle to generate enough income. You may have the best team of people, a product or service that is outstanding, but without a clear plan of marketing, then it count for nothing!.

There are many ways to market your business, advertising is one of them and probably the easiest method to promote what your company does. Advertising can be expensive and you will need a marketing budget to fully explore what is required and how to maximise your investment. Generally an advertising campaign will only yield a small percentage of interest that turns into a sale or enquiry. Your marketing campaign will have to be scrutinised and the numbers accounted for if you use magazines, newspapers or radio adverts.

Another option is use to use social media if you don’t have a large marketing budget. Most social media networks are free to use and they can spread the word about your business. Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are superb tools for creating your brand and showcasing what your business or company can do for your potential new clients.

To gain the best results using social media you will need to spend building up rapport and interacting with fellow users. Social media is an excellent way of getting feedback for your business and vital if you want to move forward with your company. One of the main drawbacks of using social media is the amount of time you will need to spend in creating your brand and interacting. If you do not have the budget to employ someone to do your social media work, then do try and check the networks every day.

We believe that one of most important ways of boosting your businesses image and brand is through word of mouth. Attending workshops, trade shows, conventions, networking events and co-working spaces are a fantastic way to meet potential new clients. Just by having a face to face conversation you will gain trust, generate a buzz and will build relationships that will have a positive effect. Think how cool it will be to hand out some personalised drink bottles or promotional drink bottles at a trade fair and these will have logo and website address on them! This is where we can help you at Promotional Products Advertising and create a selection of branded products just for your business.

10 unique ways to promote your business

Start with simple customer service, being polite and attentive goes a long way to get recommendations from others. Word of mouth is cheapest form of advertising available to any business and it’s free, simple and effective to use. If you want to drive your business forward and achieve greater success this is a sure fire method!

You could cross promote your business with another company and your customers will be able access even more services. This is a perfect way of increasing your exposure and increasing your marketing by doubling it. You can cross promote with another business in your niche or even a non-related company with different services to offer.

Charity and sponsorship is an ideal way of spreading your message and also giving something back to the community. You could sponsor a fundraising event or promote a charity on your website, this is an excellent way of marketing your business.

Have you ever thought about placing an advertisement on a super market trolley or basket? It’s a cost effective way of marketing and increasing exposure to your business, if your company is in the retail sector, the may even purchase your product whilst in the store.

It may seem strange these days to see someone walking around with an advert over them or carrying an advertisement board, but this is an effective marketing tool. If your business is in the food and beverage sector it will be a superb way of attracting people during lunch breaks.

Airports, bus and train stations are busy places with lots of potential new customers. You can always hire advertising space in any of these places and it will attract a large pool of people passing them by. How about giving away promotional drink bottles in Melbourne outside the Central Railway Station? Or even giving away sports drink bottles with your logo and slogan at major sporting events like the Australian Open or the Melbourne Cup? We can help you with the promotional advertising products and then you company will truly stand out from the rest!

This idea is similar to the sandwich board person walking around, instead why not hire a truck with your logo and slogan. It will have the same impact as the board, but will draw the attention of a much larger potential customer base.

Have you thought of turning your shop or store into a destination that people will want to visit? A section of your premises can be turned into a café or a children’s play area, this will attract people to your business and also will present a perfect sales opportunity. You don’t need to be extravagant, just a functional place for people to hang out in, this will ensure that they will visit again and again.

This is the age of smartphones, QR codes are a simple, yet highly effective way of digital advertising. In high traffic areas like airports, shopping malls and stations, potential customers can scan the code and they can catch your marketing campaign on the go.

Social media is a highly effective tool for marketing, even though it’s not unique, it still works. The power of social media and sharing Twitter tweets, Facebook posts can generate a huge amount of interest and traffic in your business.

Our promotional products

Whatever you marketing campaign needs, we have an extensive range of promotional products for you to choose from and you will not be disappointed. Whether you plan to give away these products at trade shows, in your shop, your premises or a marketing campaign in the street, you will find that we have it covered!

Just think of the possibilities that promotional bags have from a marketing perspective, hundreds if not thousands of people seeing you logo and slogan on a bag with someone walking down the street or sitting on a bus or train?

How about sports drink bottles, promotional water bottles and promotional drink bottles at a sports events like cricket at the MCG or a pop concert at the same venue. The potential of this kind of advertising is huge and the business it can drive to your company.

Office items is another superb way of reaching a new audience, just think of the possibilities that this kind of marketing can reach? Every time someone uses a notepad, pen, moves a mouse on a mouse pad, reaches for their coffee in a mug, writes on a sticky note and relieves the tension on a stress ball, there is your logo and slogan!

Items of clothing are a huge visual advertising campaign, someone walking down the street or waiting for the bus or train and there is your logo for everyone to see. Whether it’s a cap, a hat, a jacket, a t-shirt, a tie or even someone wearing a thong on Bondi Beach, your logo is prominent for everyone to see!

Once they have finished having a swim, why not use a promotional towel and umbrella to shade from the sun, then apply some sunscreen and use a stubby holder for an ice cold Victoria bitter! Endless possibilities to show off your off your company and reaching a new audience!

Finally after a day on the beach, the smartphone battery is on its last legs and nearly drained of juice, the promotional power bank will come in very handy for an extra touch of direct marketing.

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Drink bottles make great corporate gifts. Branded with your logo (or a clients), they are great for saying "Thank you!".