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Promotional Bags

How to best use Bags in your next Promotion

Promotional Bags come in all shapes and sizes. Featuring a wide range of styles, materials and quality levels, along with varying minimum order quantities and flexible branding options. Using a bag or satchel can increase your business exposure in the market place.

  • If you are involved in a trade show, boldly printed plastic show bags will stand out as prospective clients carry it around the show.
  • Another great idea for advertising is a satchel at a conference containing advertising material giving you another level of merchandising.
  • Promotional backpacks can promote your business at community events. Brilliant when teamed up with a branded cap or printed drink bottle.

Whether you are a sports club, school or in the corporate environment promotional products will always have a place. Sports bags, travel cases, conference satchels or even a picnic set and blanket might be what you need to promote your business. Using promotional gifts will give you an edge when planning your next event.


Promotional Product Advertising can help you with design to spread your companies identity.



Bags make great corporate gifts. Branded with your logo (or a clients), they are great for saying "Thank you!".