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Custom Printed Balloons

Promotional Balloons can be used in advertising campaigns of all sorts. Whether it's for a corporate event, local sports club or school fete, balloons are always a favourite with kids or a great way to have your company stand out.


  • Use printed balloons on your stand at a trade show or put them in a show bag so they are taken home for a lasting impression.
  • Branded balloons in corporate or school colours will make your team supporters easily identifiable at a fun run or sports carnivalBalloons are in inexpensive way to spread your brand and corporate message.
  • Standard latex balloons or custom designed foil balloons can you give you the exposure your brand is looking for.
  • Twisty balloons for extra effect and accessories to finish the job, balloons are a widely used marketing product.

Whether you are re-branding, launching a new product or having a sale, custom printed balloons will deliver your message every time.


Promotional Product Advertising has 30 years industry experience to help you choose a suitable product and assist with design decisions.


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